The Sounds of Joy  will perform at Unity Church of Tidewater, Wednesday, May 28, at 7:30 pm. Admission is simply a love offering that will benefit the Unity Church of Tidewater Building Fund that is dedicated to the care-taking of our beautiful Church. Also, if interested, new treasures have been added to our well attended Flea Market venture. These items and many more will available for purchase 30 minutes prior and after the evening's performance.  Enjoy!

The Sounds of Joy came together in 1993 as a Wednesday night "sing-along" group of about 10 people, and now boasts over 45 members. On average Sounds of Joy perform more than 30 times a year. They are available for public gatherings of any sort, meetings, conferences, conventions, parties, picnics, banquets, open houses, block parties, charitable or fund-raising events, retirement and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and various special events. Some of their song selection themes include Classic Pop, Patriotic, Folk, Civil War, Broadway, and Inspirational music. If it's beautiful, nostalgic, funky, or can be hummed, they will sing it. Although they are not a "religious" group per say, they have always listened for the guidance of Spirit, and have been willing to say "Yes" to whatever new opportunities come their way. Their mission has always been to bring joy to those for whom they perform. 



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    Unity Church of Tidewater

    Unity Church of Tidewater is a diverse community open to all religions and creeds – without intent or attempt to convert.  Our Sunday services are reverent and centered on teachings from the Bible.  Unity Church of Tidewater holds fast to the twelve spiritual powers, demonstrated by the twelve apostles, providing the means to live peacefully and grow productively in a constantly changing world.  By applying spiritual principles in a Christ-centered way, we learn how to bring forth the gifts of the Spirit and live a dynamic, abundant, joy-filled life.


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