The Six Weeks of Lent will begin this week on Wednesday, March 5.  Mark your calendars to attend the Ash Wednesday Service that evening at 7:30 pm.  Each week following will be a Lent Class, held on Wednesday at 7:30.  The class will be instructed by Patricia Holt.  Sign up Sheets are in the office.  The book used as a study guide The Week That Changed the World is available in the church book store.

During the season leading up to Easter - Lent, we renew our hearts and minds by awakening our spiritual nature, releasing limiting beliefs and negativity, and giving strength to the Divine Presence within that His glory will be seen upon each individual. Easter honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Christ spirit within each of us. It is a mystical personal experience that first takes place in the human soul. To resurrect is to restore to life; bring into view again something that was lost or forgotten. It is the act of rising again from an inferior state to a higher or superior state. We look forward to seeing you at church in the upcoming weeks, and please be sure visit our website for related messages at www.unitychurchoftidewater.com



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    Unity Church of Tidewater

    Unity Church of Tidewater is a diverse community open to all religions and creeds – without intent or attempt to convert.  Our Sunday services are reverent and centered on teachings from the Bible.  Unity Church of Tidewater holds fast to the twelve spiritual powers, demonstrated by the twelve apostles, providing the means to live peacefully and grow productively in a constantly changing world.  By applying spiritual principles in a Christ-centered way, we learn how to bring forth the gifts of the Spirit and live a dynamic, abundant, joy-filled life.


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