The stained glass window with an open rose at the center of the cross was designed and crafted by Lucille Stubbs, local artist.  It carries with it a graphic depiction of a spiritual activity in the soul of man.  Through the ages, the cross has been a symbol of God’s identification with man and man with God.

The perpendicular bar represents a shaft of light from heaven to earth indicating the universal spirit of God descending into man, establishing man’s divine nature –“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

The horizontal bar is indicative of the human consciousness which cuts across the spiritual nature, transmitting the light and love of God into human experience.

At the point where the divine and human meet, God has promised that “the desert shall blossom as a rose”.  The mingling of the red rose of human love with the white rose of spiritual love brings forth the pink rose.



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    Unity Church of Tidewater

    Unity Church of Tidewater is a diverse community open to all religions and creeds – without intent or attempt to convert.  Our Sunday services are reverent and centered on teachings from the Bible.  Unity Church of Tidewater holds fast to the twelve spiritual powers, demonstrated by the twelve apostles, providing the means to live peacefully and grow productively in a constantly changing world.  By applying spiritual principles in a Christ-centered way, we learn how to bring forth the gifts of the Spirit and live a dynamic, abundant, joy-filled life.


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