Unity Church of Tidewater displays two beautifully carved sets of Unity Wings.  These wings have meaning that symbolizes inspiration of the Unity thought.  The globe with the attached wings are the sacred symbol of the Illumined Ones of ancient time.  These two beautiful pieces were designed and carved by Roger Butterfield.  The globe represents both the individual soul of man and the world being lifted on wings Truth into a conscious awareness of the presence of God, Creator and Source of Being.  It is through the knowledge and application of the Truth that we are lifted from the bondage to the world and become free to live in a conscious awareness of our true union with God.



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    Unity Church of Tidewater

    Unity Church of Tidewater is a diverse community open to all religions and creeds – without intent or attempt to convert.  Our Sunday services are reverent and centered on teachings from the Bible.  Unity Church of Tidewater holds fast to the twelve spiritual powers, demonstrated by the twelve apostles, providing the means to live peacefully and grow productively in a constantly changing world.  By applying spiritual principles in a Christ-centered way, we learn how to bring forth the gifts of the Spirit and live a dynamic, abundant, joy-filled life.


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